Do I Need Teeth Straightening After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Do Need Teeth Straightening After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Are you thinking about having one or more of your wisdom teeth removed, or have you just had them removed, and are wondering whether this will cause your remaining teeth to realign? Are you wondering if you will need teeth straightening? As wisdom teeth start to come out, they may put pressure on other teeth leading to misalignment. In some cases, the erupting wisdom teeth may also cause mild or severe discomfort, necessitating their removal. 

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, located at the back of the mouth. After removal, many patients complain of a noticeable change in their bite – or in the way their teeth meet. This leads many to ask the question, “Will my teeth shift after wisdom tooth extraction?”

The simplest and shortest answer to this question is, no. 

However, there is more to it than that. Read on below to find out more about wisdom teeth extraction, and some of the common misconceptions around it.  

Why Do People Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? 

The removal of wisdom teeth is meant to resolve a variety of associated dental issues including: 

  • Discomfort in or around the ear
  • Severe or mild pain in the face
  • Difficulty opening and closing the mouth
  • Pain, discomfort or pressure in your mouth associated with overcrowding 
  • Popping or clicking sound in the jaw when chewing
  • Misaligned bite
  • Discomfort and/or tenderness on the jaw when biting or chewing

The removal of wisdom teeth is actually meant to relieve pressure placed on other teeth by the erupting wisdom teeth. Furthermore, it is hard for the extraction of wisdom teeth to result in the movement of other teeth because they are located at the back of the mouth. 

Do Need Teeth Straightening After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Common Misconceptions Associated With Wisdom Teeth Extraction

While the removal of wisdom teeth does not cause any significant movement of the remaining teeth, it can result in minor shifts that lead people to feel like their teeth are realigning. The removal of wisdom teeth causes new sensations in your mouth, leading to the following misconceptions:  

Formation Of Gaps And Spaces 

For starters, since the extraction creates more space in your mouth, other teeth may shift slightly as the pressure that was previously exerted by the wisdom tooth/teeth is relieved. However, you should not expect your teeth to move to the extent that spaces or gaps are created between them. Basically, your teeth are simply moving back to their original position – before the erupting wisdom teeth started putting pressure on them.  

Impacted Teeth 

A common occurrence with wisdom teeth is that an impacted tooth comes about when a tooth fails to break through the gum line. This ends up putting a lot of pressure on surrounding teeth, causing them to protrude at an angle or overlap. 

The extraction of the impacted wisdom tooth helps resolve this type of misalignment; thus, giving a false impression that the teeth have moved.  

Overbites And Underbites 

Wisdom teeth extraction cannot cause an overbite or underbite. These issues are normally caused by a misaligned jaw. 


Just like in the case of an underbite or overbite, a crossbite is normally caused by jaw misalignment. However, some teeth may not be able to align as they previously did after the removal of wisdom teeth, leading to clicking or grinding of the teeth when eating or talking. This creates a sensation similar to a crossbite; however, it resolves itself in no time as the teeth get used to the free space created by the wisdom teeth extraction. 


All in all, it is clear to see that wisdom teeth extraction does not lead to a change in tooth alignment. However, you are likely to experience a noticeable change in how your bite or jaw fits together. More importantly, due to the relieving pressure, your teeth will be better off. 

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